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How to keep fit and code well… get enough sleep!

SCIENTISTS have found evidence that a lack of sleep causes changes in brain activity that lead to people feeling hungrier and craving more fattening foods.

via Scientists find link between lack of sleep and craving for fatty foods |

This is very relevant considering that many developers love to burn the midnight oil and push themselves to the limit. I personally know about this, because I’m one of them!

I think we’ve all done it though at some point in our lives. We wear it as a badge of honour almost. I’m working hard to provide for my family, or to impress my team, boss or work mates, hoping for a promotion, or that pay rise you so desperately need.

But just how productive are we when we do this to our bodies? We developers generally don’t get enough exercise as it is, plus when we are tired we get it even less; and then add to that the fact that our very behaviour is sabotaging our attempts to loose weight and stay healthy, or get healthier and fitter… well you get the picture.

I think I’m going to really try hard to get a decent number of hours sleep every night. I’d like to think I can get 8hrs, but maybe 7hrs is more realistic. Maybe then I’ll have more success in reducing the cravings and eating better, which will result in a more consistent and healthier weight loss over time.