Monthly Archives: December 2012

Customer Service Fail

The company I work for hosts some of our domains with BlueCentral here in Australia. For some reason our accounts department missed the payment of our domain hosting, so they naturally cut us off – as you would expect. We picked up the error the day after the invoice due date and called them to pay the bill and get things working again.

This is where they fail big time… There is only 1 number you can call for support to talk to someone about an existing service. But when I tell them we’ve missed the invoice payment date and our website is offline and can I pay it right now over the phone, they say, “Oh, no, we’ll pass your inquiry on to the accounts team, and someone will get back to when they get a chance!”.

“But I want to give you money… right now…. over the phone”, I say to the cheerful call centre lady. Is there no way you can transfer me through to the accounts guys or something? Nope, not possible. So how long will I have to wait does she think? Maybe an hour if they’re not too busy, but possibly longer! Sigh!

How long did it end up taking? Nearly 24hrs until we were back online again. In fairness to BlueCentral, I did get a helpful call from their technical support staff, after I logged an urgent ticket, and the guy was very helpful. When I explained the situation, he said yeah, that’s the way it is… if you need quick action, the best way is to log a ticket and they’ll get onto it asap!

Seth Godin frequently talks about this on his blog… don’t make it difficult for people to give you money! I think we might be looking for a new hosting provider in the not too distant future – someone who provides great service to their paying customers!