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Hi my name is Stuart Clement. I live and work in Perth, Western Australia, where we have the most beautiful beaches and sunshine nearly all year round! I love all things related to technology, food and motor sports.

My latest project is a new mobile app called Shibby. It allows people to search for and swap small amounts of foreign currency with others nearby them. And best of all, it’s free to use – no fees/commissions or poor exchange rates. You agree on the exchange and then decide to meet up to make the swap. Follow us on Twitter (@Shibby_App) or Facebook. Visit out webpage (http://getshibby.com) and signup for updates on when we go live!

Follow me on Twitter @jenart90 or email (jenart at gmail dot com).

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  • rusty hole

    Hi Stuart. I am lead to believe you might be the man who has the code written for a Delta 5.00 kw inverter using the raspberry pi to monitor my power generation. The man at Solar 2020 has put me onto you.